The year in review from Josh Lesnick: Eh, Not So Great

Josh Lesnick, the creator of Girly and other comics posted another view of 2004 in his blog:

I guess my point is that people with 2004 ending, people are talking about it as if it were some supreme year of growth for webcomics. I just don’t share these sentiments. Comixpedia listed 25 people who impacted webcomics this year. I think it’s generous to think 25 people actually made a difference throught the year. It’s probably more like 3 or 4. I know webcomics seem to be a lot more recognized now, and there are more and more people creating businesses and/or livings from them, and that’s nice and all. But growth should involve a bit of evolution of the art form too. I didn’t see much evolving this year.

(Former Comixpedia EIC, Damonk expressed his agreement in a comment).

Josh makes some good points (he regularly does if you aren’t reading his blog) although to be fair the “list” wasn’t entirely (or even mostly) about people who created good webcomics in 2004. That’d be a different list. It was more of an attempt to identify people who loomed large (as large as one can on the small field of webcomics) in 2004 and made an impact. Last year a lot of that impact was in people struggling to find a way to make a go at webcomics and trying lots of different ideas out.

I’d also like to point out that Chris Crosby is disappointed that more people aren’t outraged over his being #2 on that list. Where’s the outrage people! 🙂


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