Skirting Danger Creator Announces Engagement

Skirting Danger‘s Meredith Gran has formally announced her engagement to long-time boyfriend Nick Yu via her webcomic’s blog.

Gran goes on to say, “Being engaged is fun! You get to be excited about something – someone – a new stage in your life that you’ll share with someone else. You also get to figure out how to articulate your words into actual sentences. (Still workin’ on that) But I am very happy – this feels perfectly right.”

She later explains that her relationship to Yu evolved out of a direct relation to webcomics. “Nick and I never would have met if not for the strange phenomenon of webcomics. We both drew comics, got into the ‘scene’, and went to conventions. It’s how we became friends and eventually an engaged couple.”

Our sources are still trying to discover whether Mr. Yu purposefully timed his proposal with the release of Comixpedia’s Relationships issue. Doubtful, but still a possibility!




  1. No, no, no!
    You were supposed to say XBox, then *I* was supposed to correct you and say XBox controller, then YOU were supposed to correct me and say that the controllers weren’t as big as they used to be, at which point I would point out that it’s still funny anyway.
    Remember? That was the plan!
    But you ruined it by stepping on my lines!
    Now Gabe and Tycho will NEVER read this and decide to make a Penny Arcade strip out of it.
    All because of *YOUR* ineptitude!
    Honestly! I don’t know what Nick sees in you.
    You’d better hope he doesn’t read this post or he might start to wonder too!

  2. Oh my god I’m so sorry!! I forgot! D: D: D:

    Another plan ruined. I’m SO STUPID

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