Something Positive Creator Donations Reach Goal

Something Positive announced that reader donations have reached the point where its creator, Randy Milholland, can quit his day job, and devote that time to working on his comic.

The donations have been pouring in since the original request on the website on May 14, 2004 and have reached at least $22,000.00.




  1. So how long before we have huge web-a-thons trying to collect money for artists? We could hire a famous comedian… like Jerry Lewis!

  2. Holee crap.


    This is like a step for Randy and a leap for all webcomickind.

  3. I always thought my first mention in Comixpedia would have the headline, “Cartoonist snaps; Seven bodies found in freezer.”

  4. *hopes that he would be one of the seven, if only just to feel included in the party games*

  5. I don’t eat Canadian… sorry. Weird maple aftertaste.

  6. Death by webcartoonist… I can think of worse ways to go. Congrats!

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