Brian Carroll’s Instant Classic, reviewed by Damonk

…and when Litchfield pulls out a gun out of nowhere in comic 97 amidst the flames of the burning theater while Author and a pregnant-but-not-really Kate stand at his lunatic mercy on center stage, you can’t help but feel both torn and satisfied – as if this had to happen, no matter how much you grew attached to…

Wait. Perhaps it’s best if we start this review at the opening credits.
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Jon Towers’ The Heart of Abracax, reviewed by Damonk

Have you ever had one of those really vivid, epic dreams, one where the first thought that crosses your semi-conscious mind when you wake up the next morning is, "Damn… that dream would make a great book! Where’s my pen, I gotta write this down…"?

When you try to write it out on paper, however, it comes out all clumsy, incoherent, and incomplete. You look at the words inked there and know that they are supposed to be brilliant, but you just can’t seem to make that crucial jump from dreamagination to readality. Sound familiar?
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Damonkey Business: Letter To The Reader

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Reader,

I would like to cancel my subscription to your opinions.

I have been a longtime loyal subscriber for almost two years, having originally been won over by your public action’s ideals, integrity, and overall quality of judgement. When you first popped up as a small start-up, with a few comments peppered here and there on my newsmagazine articles, you made a profound impact, and quickly won my heart.

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Damonkey Business by Damonk

Draino for the Brain

Ever have those moments when you can FEEL a major gushing feeling inside, as if your brain and soul bladders were ooze-bursting with those five pitchers of creativity you just chugged down last night while watching some TV show, reading a good book, or being out on the prowl with your posse?

Knowing that the dam’s gonna blow anytime, you rush over to your desk, pull out a sheet of instant paper porta-potty (or perhaps you’re more of a Windows WordCrapper 2000-kinda person), unzip your mind to whip out your “ballpoint”, and then…

…nothing comes out.

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