Interviewing Bryant Paul Johnson

Bryant Paul Johnson is the creator of the long-running "semi-historical micro fiction" webcomic title, Teaching Baby Paranoia.  I met Johnson at an SPX several years ago and I've always enjoyed reading his wonderfully smart, intellectually wacky comic.  It's a bit like reading the history of a much more interesting world than our own.  He also created a limited comic series for ComixTalk titled The Antecedent that might be described as semi-historical micro nonfiction and often illuminated many interesting parallels between American history and our recent era under that Texas yankee who used to be President.

I was really happy he was able to do a cover for us last month and than an interview now.  Especially interesting is an update on the graphic novel titled The Lower Kingdom that Johnson is working on along with a preview of its first chapter.

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My Life in Webcomics: An Interview with Grant Thomas

Grant Thomas is the creator of several comics including the more personal My Life in Records and the more adventuresome Graphic Poems.  I think Grant has been creating some of the more interesting and challenging comics I've seen in webcomics and his stuff is well worth checking out.

Grant's also been a contributor to ComixTALK, creating the cover art for ComixTALK for December of 2008 and writing several features for the magazine, including a three part series on creating mini-comics.  I got a chance to chat with Grant recently about his plans for 2009, including the next chapter of My Life in Records and the inclusion of his work in an upcoming book from Fantagraphics.

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Peachy Keen: An Interview with Donna Barr

Donna Barr was born in the mill town of Everett, WA.  She is a prolific cartoonist and writer who embraced the web relatively early on as a means to further expose the public to her creative work.  She is probably best known for her comic series, The Desert Peach, about Pfirsich Rommel, the fictional homosexual younger brother of Erwin "The Desert Fox" Rommel — it has been in publication since 1988.  Another comic series from Barr is titled Stinz — it is about Steinheld Löwhard, a centaur in an imaginary land called Gieselthal where humans and centaurs live.

I got a chance to interview her via email over the last couple of months and really enjoyed our exchange.

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Chicken and Cat Clean Up: New Comic From Sara Varon

Sara Varon is becoming hopefully a bit more well known at this point having several published comic books released now.  Although she has a nice website she has not really published anything in an online format.  Given her interest in telling tales most interesting to young children I’m not sure whether the lack of a web presence is a bad idea or not.

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Catching Up With Jim Zubkavich

Jim Zubkavich isn't "oldest school webcomics" but he's awfully darn close.  His debut webcomic, The Makeshift Miracle garnered instant notice online at the time.  Ironically, despite the intentional use of limited colors in the comic, the coloring is one of the things I remember most about it.  Zubkavich has also been a heck of a nice guy to comics, sharing his knowledge through tutorials, teaching and a column at ComixTalk.

I got a chance to do an interview with Jim this month looking back on The Makeshift Miracle and looking ahead to 2009.

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So A Tamarin And An Axolotl Walk Into A Bar…

Robbie Allen aka Pembroke W. Korgi is the creator of Femmegasm and a contributor to Radio ComixFemmegasm is new this year and mostly a sendup of pop culture, heavy on the videogame references with an awesome recurring Popeye-hates-pirates joke.  (Despite the name of the comic it has no Slipshine-qualifying content in it)  Check out my interview with Pembroke below for more on this new webcomic.

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Shut Your Mouth! An Interview with Dave Ryan

I can't remember now how I stumbled across Dave Ryan's  Badass Muthas! but the title alone grabbed me and then I found I really liked how the art contrasted with the jokes and story.  It's a kind of rough, angular style but with a very soft, tranquil color palette. What else can I say – you should go check it out!  I got a chance to interview Dave about it – read on for the gory details.

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The Webcomic Heard ‘Round the World: An Interview with Lora Innes of The Dreamer

Lora Innes is the creator of the popular historical fiction webcomic The Dreamer about Beatrice “Bea” Whaley whoose dreams about a Revolutionary War soldier named Alan Warren lead her into adventure.  Issue #1 of the print series from publisher IDW came out in November and the webcomic is up to episode #123 (page 23 of Issue #50).  I got a chance to interview Lora via email earlier this fall.

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An Interview with Crystal Yates, Creator of Earthsong

Crystal Yates is the creator of the fantasy webcomic Earthsong.  The comic has a complicated mythos; in it the planets are somewhat like gods and the creatures that live on their surface are their offspring.  I don't want to write out the whole mythos but many different species are relocated to the world of Earthsong.  Despite the involved world-building that went into the concept, it's a pretty easy webcomic to get into and the art is nicely done.  I got a chance to interview Crystal earlier this fall via email.

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