Damn The FF Movie Bit Hard

So um I just got around to watching the Fantastic Four movie on DVD. Geez they botched that one pretty bad. Instead of an interesting character study of four messed up individuals and there relationships with each other they made a pretty generic good guys versus a bad guy movie. At least The Thing worked okay – that’s a hard character design to translate to the screen and most of the time I could get past the actor wearing a foot of latex around his body.

And completely unrelated to that, here’s a website where you can generate Diesel Sweetie-like speech bubbles. Continue Reading

Ctrl+Alt+Del Announces Animated Series

Blind Ferret Entertainment announced a deal to develop and distribute an animated series based on the popular gaming webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Del by Tim Buckley.

Ctrl+Alt+Del: The Animated Series will be available online at cad-animation.com. A trailer for Episode 1, scheduled for release next February 1, 2006, is already available at the site. The series will release a new four-minute episode every month. Continue Reading

Michael McKay trying to raise money for his nephew

Michael McKay is the creator of the popular webcomic Alice. His nephew Freeman was diagnosed with a rare brain disease, Opsoclonus-Myoclonus Syndrome. Essentially, his immune system is attacking his brain. He is two-and-a-half but he is having to relearn how to walk, eat, talk, everything.

Michael is trying to raise $4,000 to help his sister and brother-in-law with the cost of the drugs, the hospital administration, and the travel required to get Freeman to treatment. He is offering multiple ways to pay and a couple of incentives for donations on a special page at his website.

And yes, Alice came back from hiatus way back in February. (It had been on hold since May 2004). In case you didn’t know.
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Kibuishi and Kim’s Graphic Novel Plans

Yesterday the story broke about Kazu Kibuishi’s deal with publisher Scholastic for two graphic novels, the first one scheduled for a 2007 release.

But Kibuishi is not the only one with a graphic novel in the works. Derek Kirk Kim has also announced that his next graphic novel will be released in 2007. It will be published by FirstSecond Books, which appears to be a brand new graphic novel imprint to publisher Roaring Brook Press. Kim has posted a sketch of the main character on his website, and promises more sketches and sneak peaks to come. Continue Reading

Sabertooth Games and Penny Arcade Partner for Card Game

Sabertooth Games announced that they were partnering with Penny Arcade to create a “Universal Fighting System (UFS)” game based entirely on characters from Penny Arcade. The card set is designed and illustrated by Gabe and Tycho and has everything from the “Divx” to Tycho’s “Really Big Word”.

In other card news, I’m not sure if John Allison has mentioned a date for the release of his Scary Go Round card deck but I definitely want one. Continue Reading