ImageText Article on Webcomics

ImageText has an article about webcomics in its most recent issue. (This is labeled as last fall’s issue of ImageText but buzzBugle reported it as recently published) ImageText is an academic publication so don’t expect the jaunty style of Comixpedia or Websnark when reading it.

It’s an interesting article, but one that is wrong in enough respects to annoy a serious observor of webcomics. More conjecture and opinionating from me after the break. Continue Reading

New 24 Hour Tarquin Comic at

The Conundrunomicon holds many secrets. It also holds many lies. If there’s a trick to telling one from the other, then sadly I’ve yet to find it. delivers its first update of 2005 with a brand new 24 Hour hypercomic. 24:Three makes use of the latest version of the Tarquin Engine to deliver a snapshot of a comic creator’s mind over 24 sleep deprived hours. It makes about as much sense as you’d expect, given the circumstances. Continue Reading

A Little Necromancy Never Hurt Anybody: Al Schroeder Talks to Tom Stackpole

Tom Stackpole does the experimental and innovative Invisible Forces for PV Comics and at his own site, has published such innovative works as Talking Drunk Driver Blues, and the The Diptheria Plague. His newest work at his own site is Jake Dyson’s Big Move.

Stackpole took a few minutes out a hectic schedule for an interview with Comixpedia’s Al Schroeder.

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Feeding Snarky by Eric Burns

As with everyone else in the webcomics ‘scene,’ I’ve been following the progress of webcomics experimentation with tremendous interest. I track experimental events over on Websnark. I make note of the many and sundry things that webcartoonists do that they simply couldn’t do (or at least not do effectively) on paper. And, with time and energy, I’ve come to develop an opinion about experimentation in webcomics.

Namely, I’m against it.

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TOONBOTS: Blank Verse Applied to Webcomics

Looking back on 2004, it’s worth noting the changes, or lack thereof, that the year brought to the ever-fluctuating world of webcomics. Keenspot and ModernTales continued to expand and branch into other areas. The fully independent webcomic remains with us. New webcomics appeared, and many of the same have already vanished. A few of the old standbys have come close to retirement, as some cartoonists have had to rely increasingly on reader support to keep their strips alive. Continue Reading