Sluggy Crossover Highlights PartiallyClips “Guest Art” Experiment

You may have noticed that clip-art comic strip PartiallyClips has been experimenting with guest art from other webcomics creators for more than two months now. The latest entry takes it further, with an actual crossover appearance by main characters from Sluggy Freelance. Pete Abrams supplied the art, drawn during the webcomics panel at UberCon, and Rob Balder wrote the dialogue for Pete’s characters Torg and Riff. Continue Reading

Theater Hopper Needs Guest Strips Soon

Hey! Theater Hopper needs guest strips by July 10th because creator Tom Brazelton is moving this month.

I’m REALLY gonna need guest strips from you guys before July 10. So if you’re interested, draw something up and send it to me at If you can keep your images in JPG format, that’s best. And the strips can be as long as you want, just no wider than 525 pixels. Otherwise, they break the site layout.

Continue Reading

PC Weenies looking for guest artists

In a few weeks I’ll be away on a much-needed vacation. To keep the toons going while I’m gone, I’m inviting any interested webcartoonists to submit a PC Weenies guest-strip for while I’m gone. The only requirements are that the image size be 432 x 504 pixels or less, so that the toon will display properly on the site. If you’re interested, please drop me a line ( info at pcweenies dot com ).

To express my sincere thanks, I’ll be happy to plug your site when your guest-toon is posted. Continue Reading