Tartie Awards for Webcomics!

Seq Tart wrote up it’s tongue in cheek awards this issue and here’s the webcomic ones:

Best Webcomic About a Ten-Year-Old Hasidic Girl Who Picks a Fight with Her Argumentative Stepmother About the Ethics of Killing (Real) Dragons In Order to Get Out of Knitting Lessons/Next Best Thing Until a New Issue of Amy Unbounded Becomes Available: Barry Deutsch’s Hereville, on Girlamatic (www.girlamatic.com).

Best Use of a) Canine Ghosts and b) the Princes in the Tower in a Webcomic About a Slightly Shady Middle-Aged British Magician and His Gun-Wielding American Expatriate Sidekick: Barb Lien and Ryan Howe’s Gun Street Girl at Graphic Smash (www.graphicsmash.com).

Best Use of Hellboy as a Guest Star in a Webcomic About a Nonchalantly Slackerish Superhero: Dave (the Knave) White’s The Japanese Beetle at Graphic Smash.

Best Webcomic About a Pragmatic But Tough Talking Wombat, the Semi-Ectoplasmic Shadowling Who Keeps Following Her Around, and the Various Warrior Clerics, Rat-Keeping Librarians, and Sentient Statues of Elephant-Headed Deities She Encounters When the Latest Tunnel She’s Digging Accidentally Takes Her to a Very Foreign Country: Ursula Vernon’s Digger at Graphic Smash.

New Student Least Likely to Fit In in Junior High: A toss-up between Emma (who regards other teenagers as aliens and communicates by ventriloquizing through her cow hand puppet) and her elementary school best friend Anna (who is dying to be a typical teenager, but finds herself announcing on the first day of school “These are my psycho [sentient] toys. They embarrassed me in front of the boy I like”), both of Adrian Ramos’ The Wisdom of Moo webcomic (Girlamatic), and Jupiter, the twelve-year-old title character of Lynn Lau’s Jupiter (also at Girlamatic), who has to run away from the circus her family works for in order to physically attend school at all.

Best “Paranormal Investigators in the 1920’s” Webcomic About an Amiably Sleazy Boston Private Eye, a Stuffy Harvard Professor, and an Irrepressible Shopgirl (Among Others) Currently Investigating How One of Their Previous Adventures Seems to Have Wound Up Being Satirized in a Newspaper Comic Strip: Ted Slampyak’s Jazz Age at www.jazzagecomics.com.


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