FCD Report: Sore Thumbs Election Special

Picked up all the Keen free stuff today for Free Comic Book day. Just read the Sore Thumbs Election Special. I take it this is just the first batch of webcomics from the site – some reformatting of the panels and maybe some material was changed (I didn’t do a comparison but having skimmed the online archives previously this all seemed very familar). It’s very Crosby-esque but for some reason reading it all at once worked for me. Worked better than the online version in fact. I’m not trying to review the book but I suppose I could at some point.

It was also in the tinier manga format which to be honest I’m not fond of. My personal thought if I was to publish comic books would either be to go with the larger paperback book format or even larger, the traditional magazine format. Large is good. Tiny is well, just small.


Xaviar Xerexes

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