1. Agreed. This is probably better filed under the “general news category”, if there is one.

  2. Although Ted Rall is political, and some of the strips in Attitude III are too, most of us aren’t doing strictly political humor and some of us never do it at all. They were also looking for social commentary and a certain twistedness/edginess/subversiveness, whatever. It’s mostly strips which do (or could) appear in alternative weekly newspapers. I suggested quite a few webcomics which were not chosen by the editors, such as Sordid City Blues, Splendid Everlasting, Monkey Law, and maybe a dozen others. I’m really pleased with this final group, though.

    Here’s the list (man I love alphabetical order by last name):

    1. Rob Balder: Partially Clips
    2. Dale Beran and David Hellman: A Lesson is Learned But the Damage is Irreversible
    3. Matt Bors: Idiot Box
    4. Steven L. Cloud: Boy on a Stick and Slither
    5. M.e. Cohen: HumorInk
    6. Chris Dlugosz: Pixel
    7. Thomas K. Dye: Newshounds
    8. Mark Fiore: Fiore Animated Cartoons
    9. Dorothy Gambrell : Cat and Girl
    10. Nicholas Gurewitch: The Perry Bible Fellowship
    11. Brian McFadden: Big Fat Whale
    12. Eric Millikin: Fetus-X
    13. Ryan North: Daily Dinosaur Comics
    14. August J. Pollak: XQUZYPHYR & Overboard
    15. Mark Poutenis: Thinking Ape Blues
    16. Jason Pultz: Comic Strip
    17. Adam Rust: Adam’s Rust
    18. D.C. Simpson: I Drew This & Ozy and Millie
    19. Ben Smith: Fighting Words
    20. Richard Stevens: Diesel Sweeties
    21. Michael Zole: Death to the Extremist

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