Ted Rall Controversy

A comic from controversial cartoonist Ted Rall that questioned Pat Tillman’s status as a hero was pulled from MSNBC.com. The full story at Editor and Publisher can be found here. The comic itself can be found here. Thanks to the Toontalk forum for the link.




  1. I felt it was in poor taste. I mean, my comic mocks the dead all the time, but never about specific people. I mean, calling a dead man a sap… I don’t have very high standards for cartoonist ethics, but that’s well past the line.

  2. Rall had a right to run that comic. I don’t argue with that. The Constitution allows him to mock whoever or whatever he feels worthy of mocking. I might not agree with his views, but he has the right to air them, and I’m cool with that.

    Unfortunately for him, that First Amendment thing goes both ways. Aside from the fact that MSNBC isn’t a government agency (at least, not yet 😉 ) and isn’t obligated to promote him, they also have the same freedom to speak their minds.

    Which, in this case, means telling Rall to take his immature, disrespectful, and ***** offensive strip and shove it up his ass sideways.

  3. Ya gotta love Ted Rall’s subtle and tactful way he deals with the world around him. Sort of a left-wing Pat Buchanan who draws cartoons.

  4. Has Ted Rall ever complained about his strip being pulled?

  5. Good question…
    He’s probably USED to having his strip pulled by some of the papers he’s published in once in a while by now anyway.

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