Your Webcomic Is Not As Good As You Think It Is

Don’t give up out there. Every webcomic started somewhere. A perspective on webcomic evolution from David Wright, the creator of Todd and Penguin.Your comic is not as good as you think it is.

No, I’m not talking to the handful of awesomely talented newcomers that seem to crop up each year, nor the proven vets — you know who you are. I’m talking to the others. Those who are plugging along at a bad comic but just don’t realize it. Your comic is not as good as you think it is. Take it from someone who knows.

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Todd and Penguin creator gives into his dark side

Taking Up Space, the newest comic from Todd and Penguin creator, David Wright, makes its official debut today. Wright plans the comic to be darker than Todd and Penguin, giving him a chance to lash out at pop culture. Taking Up Space originally appeared on Altbrand in 2000, leading Phil Cho of Skinny Panda to label it a “Peanuts for a new millenium”. Case York of Gluemeat said of the comic, ” The pathos they exude is boggling”.

“I really missed the characters in the strip,” Wright recently said in a phony interview with himself concocted for this press release. “There are things I am itching to make fun of that I can’t do properly with T.A.P.” Continue Reading


Scott Kurtz Offers PvP For Free

As an alternative to joining an established print comic syndicate, Scott Kurtz announced a new plan to offer the archives of PvP free to newspapers.

People are buzzing with this announcement, and the ramifications it will entail to the future of newspaper comics and syndication. Read some of the reactions over at ToonTalk from such established cartoonists such as Wiley Miller (of Non Sequitur).

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New Features at Collective Inkwell

Comixpedia’s own artist Iain Hamp and editor Kelly J. Cooper bring new features to the Collective Inkwell this week. Iain Hamp begins his column, Learning With Iain, where he invtites readers to learn new skills along with him. Then we have Kelly’s column, A Writing Life, where you can learn much more about the behind the scenes things that go on in a writer’s life in a column that is both informative and humorous. Continue Reading


Collective Inkwell Is Here

Collective Inkwell is a new group featuring comic creators and writers, which acts not only as a portal to many great sites, but features exclusive features throughout the week, such as columns such as Frank Smith’s ‘Webcomic Roundup’, interviews, reviews, and other features, as well as an online community. Some of the members include Skinny Panda, Soap on a Rope, Man-Man, Intelligent Life, Oh my Gods, Ce’st La Vie, and Todd and Penguin. Continue Reading


Todd and Penguin’s 3rd Anniversary!

Todd and Penguin turned 3 this month, and since I don’t want to sing praise of my own comic, I will use the words of Lee Adam Herold of Chopping Block to describe it:

David Wright has taken a truly funny, well-drawn, engaging comic and done what I’ve seen precious few others do well. He’s imbued it with actual love. The pitfall in trying to do this is that invariably it comes off as corny or trite, and elicits more groans than laughter from readers. Witness the bane of all contemporary comic creators, The Family Circus. But with Todd & Penguin, the love is a natural part of its fabric. Like Calvin and Hobbes or Peanuts, it walks the line between sentimentality and sharp wit, and you never notice how difficult it should be to pull off. Continue Reading