Todd and Penguin’s 3rd Anniversary!

Todd and Penguin turned 3 this month, and since I don’t want to sing praise of my own comic, I will use the words of Lee Adam Herold of Chopping Block to describe it:

David Wright has taken a truly funny, well-drawn, engaging comic and done what I’ve seen precious few others do well. He’s imbued it with actual love. The pitfall in trying to do this is that invariably it comes off as corny or trite, and elicits more groans than laughter from readers. Witness the bane of all contemporary comic creators, The Family Circus. But with Todd & Penguin, the love is a natural part of its fabric. Like Calvin and Hobbes or Peanuts, it walks the line between sentimentality and sharp wit, and you never notice how difficult it should be to pull off.

Todd and Penguin began on an independent site on November 12, 2000, moved to Keenspace in December of 2000, and to another server in January of 2003. The comic has appeared in The Stanford Daily, and has earned some critical praise among its peers, but still celebrates its small-ish, cult-ish following.

After three years, several hundreds of comics, and a few thousand web design changes, Todd and Penguin is being submitted to the syndicates in the hope beyond hope that it will be picked up. You can catch the current design and comics which run every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday here.




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