Todd and Penguin creator gives into his dark side

Taking Up Space, the newest comic from Todd and Penguin creator, David Wright, makes its official debut today. Wright plans the comic to be darker than Todd and Penguin, giving him a chance to lash out at pop culture. Taking Up Space originally appeared on Altbrand in 2000, leading Phil Cho of Skinny Panda to label it a “Peanuts for a new millenium”. Case York of Gluemeat said of the comic, ” The pathos they exude is boggling”.

“I really missed the characters in the strip,” Wright recently said in a phony interview with himself concocted for this press release. “There are things I am itching to make fun of that I can’t do properly with T.A.P.”

Taking Up Space appeared in the Stanford Daily in 2002 before Wright went back to doing Todd and Penguin full time. He later incorporated TUS’s main character, Jessika into Todd and Penguin, which gave that strip a much needed balance of good and dark cynicism.

Wright will continue doing Todd and Penguin 3 days a week, and will also do 3 strips of Taking Up Space.

This week Taking Up Space will run the entire week, after which it will move to a Tues, Thurs, Sat. schedule. Wright’s Todd and Penguin currently appears as part of the Keen Syndicate page, as well as the newspaper where he works as a reporter and editorial cartoonist.