Guest Comic Weeks At Todd and Penguin!

For the next 2 weeks Todd and Penguin will be featuring the best of the guest comics that have been done for the strip over the past 3 years. Strips from the creators of Chopping Block, Boxjam’s Doodle, Skinny Panda, Framed, Man-Man Comics, Makeshift Miracle, I Am a Rocket, and more!

The artist is taking a 2 week break as he works on his book, and attempts to get a head start on new strips as Todd and Penguin heads in a slightly new direction. Continue Reading


An Interview with Phil Cho by David Wright

Phil Cho's Skinny Panda is often quoted as a favorite by other webcomic creators, and it's easy to see why. The strip is not only beautifully drawn, but boasts some of the most endearing characters on the web. From the lovesick Robokitty to the know-it-all Penelope, to the Skinny Panda himself, Cho has an uncanny ability to skewer pop culture, exploit human foibles, and make you feel for his characters in a way that the greats such as Breathed, Watterson, and Schulz did so well.

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Trading Webspaces

Seen the show Trading Spaces? Well, if you would be interested in Trading Web-Spaces with another webcomic, send me a personal message with your name, url, and we will hook you up with another designer for a front page makeover. The new design doesn’t have to be something you will keep, nor something with active scripts (unless you want), we’re talking just design purposes here.

We can only choose a few people to feature so get a message to me soon if you would like to take a shot. Please don’t enter if you are new to web design, as this article will be instructional for those just starting out. Continue Reading