SKinny Panda Hits 500 Strips ; Todd and Penguin Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Two long-running webcomics hit milestones this month: Skinny Panda and Todd and Penguin.

Skinny Panda hits strip number 500 this week and Todd and Penguin celebrated five years this Nov. 12.

The last year has been a nonstop hectic ride for the creator of Todd and Penguin, David Wright, who had his comic picked up by Keenspot, won the “Best Quiet Comic” shortbread from Websnark, is competing in the Daily Grind and was recently hired as an editorial cartoonist/reporter for a Florida newspaper in part, thanks to Todd and Penguin. In addition to TAP, he also draws Taking Up Space and is working on the upcoming strip, Girl and Monster and sleeps approximately 2.5 hours a day.

Read some of Dave’s thoughts on the first five years of Todd and Penguin, and about how he almost destroyed the comic, at his forum


“Unfortunately, I’m too burned-out to think of a way to celebrate,” said Skinny Panda creator Phil Cho. “So, really, this is just a public footnote. But, hey, if you’ve got any suggestions of how to celebrate, or where I should take the strip, please feel free to email me or post a note in the new Skinny Panda Forums.

“And to all of you who have written to me, or just read the strip, thanks for carrying me.”