Television is for the Morons

They say television is the worst thing going. We're turning into a future of generations of men (and women) who'll be sat behind a screen doing nothing. Television never inspires anyone they say (and they are usually right), but this time they're wrong. Television is a genius box, a box of wonderful ideas. Without a television just think where webcomics would be.

Without television just think of no Doctor Who References. Without Lost we'd definately be Lost. Without Television they'd be no adverts but adverts are priceless!

Then without movies, we'd never have the good old Jurassic Park references. We wouldn't comment about the whole Harry Potter series (sure its a book but who reads books nowadays, hehe). Of course we wouldn't have any film related webcomics out there.

So, without idiot boxes, without the ideas, without anything, with just sunshine, webcomics would definately have a limit resource. So if you're an artist, suck for an idea, watch some TV, go to the flicks and have a good time!

Thanks for this week folks! See you around! Don't forget to check out Webcomics in Print and do what you do best – draw!



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