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Frontpage posting will be light (as in almost nonexistent) this week so keep your eyes peeled for interesting updates in the reader blogs and the forums. It’s up to… you!



  • Tom Spurgeon reviews Set to Sea by Drew Weing. This is a great comic and one I actually look forward to buying in print someday.
  • Gunbaby was in the BSC Webcomic Idol contest but didn’t last long enough. It’s a good comic that seems very promising even as it is less then perfect. Wonderful art (reminds me a bit of Alpha Shade) but sometimes static shots kill the momentum. Interesting story ideas but sudden uncued scene and perspective jumps could be handled a bit better. Creators Matt and Gabe White have talent though – you get the sense that they could get a lot better. I’d definitely give the archives a read.
  • Kate Beaton is funny!



  • I’m playing around with a book swap service called Book Mooch. Potentially cool, although it’s pretty weak in the graphic novel side of things right now… You can check out what I’m willing to trade through a widget on my home page here.


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