Theater Hopper Celebrates 500 comics

Tom Brazelton’s movie-themed comic Theater Hopper celebrated its 500th strip today, Wednesday, November 30.

To celebrate the occasion, the site has unveiled two new features that readers are sure to appreciate – a searchable archive and a new reviews database that visitors can contribute to!

Both applications were written by Dave Heffinton of Taking the Bi-Pass.

First, the comic archives are now searchable by keyword, making it easy to look up how many times Jared has punched Ben Affleck in the face or how many times Truman the Beagle has appeared.

Also included in the archives is a feature that identifies all the guest strips contributed over the course of the comic’s existence.

The second feature is a brand new movie review database where visitors to the site can create an account and leave their thoughts about every movie that is referenced in the strip! All movies new and old are represented.

Both features were authored by Dave Heffington, creator of Taking the Bi-Pass and will add great value to Theater Hopper as it continues its production with the goal of bringing movie-related humor to audiences every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Tom Brazelton