For they are coming…

Comic trends often happen between different webcomics. Something in the news will spout often similar humour throughout. Often starting up a webcomic comes with stereotypical roles for each of the characters, just in a way like a sitcom always needs a funny one, a serious one, a gay character, a female character and the like. Webcomics have the range of having a larger choice of characters to choose from but more than usual one of them is either a robot, animal, creature or thing. Sure, not every single webcomic has them, but more often than not you'll see a furry friend somewhere around.

So, why this post? Well, of late I've been documenting the fact that there's one furry that seems to be invading webcomics and more recently getting their own spotlight as a main character on most. Yes, bunnies are invading webcomics. Sure it's not a lot but as you may be well aware bunnies reproduce quickly and from one small webcomic here and one small webcomic there to suddenly appearing in next month's PVPonline and all the other major ones.

Though of course I'm only focusing on bunnies cause I love them so. I even went to the Webcomics Thing in London and got a book full of 40 artists/people's interpretations of the question "would you draw me a bunny?". But the Bunny Invasion is happening and these are sites that should be at least watched for the impending doom upon the webcomic community!

Everyone knows of Bunny, the adventures of a harmless pink bunny in a daily comic gathered along with a blue, orange and even Stealth Ninja Bunnies. Stealth Ninja Bunnies for what purpose? For an invasion I may add!

Continuing on the Ninja theme is Ninja Bunny, a webcomic about a bunny who wears all black and is trained in the deadly ninja arts. Not only does he kill, maime and dice with his trusty swords, knifes, dynamite but brings destruction in most of his path. Created by Phil Spence and like Bunny is only one panel, this is showing us a Bunny Invasion is just on its way.

Then there's the evilness that is Bunbun. Not only is this Bunny looking evil but everything it does is in an evil and twisted way. A very note that this bunny is one for maiming and killing other bunnies (but possibly the human race as well) and sending us all into mental hospitals spouting bunny propaganda.

Although talking about mental hospitals, the Bunny System shows Bunnies using drugs, etc. They're becoming more human as we speak, they'll talk and walk soon, they can currently fly to the moon in drug induced visions, so what's gonna happen next?

Well, I'll tell you, they're gonna do just that, walk and talk, they're gonna look and do exactly what we do. Kevin and Kell shows us that, not only bunnies in real life normal jobs but also cats. It's like Planet of the Apes but instead of Apes it's turning into a huge fest of animals. If only they revealled the statue at the end we'd all know that it's going to end soon.

Even testing on animals such as bunnies doesn't help. Take a look at Animal Testing, which not even testing on them helps. The site has not been updated for a bit, but that's cause its moved slightly onto Devianart, but the dangers are still there of talking bunnies!

And talking bunnies don't stop there. Brainslug has a talking bunny and heck even back when webcomics were new, Sluggy Freelance had an evil killing bunny.

There's probably more out there but the warning signs are clear. Just like carbon monoxide, holes in ozone layer and TV reality gameshows, bunny invasions are upon us, even hopping up now and again in other comics just for one off strips. Protect yourselfs, hide in a bunny proof bunker and god help us all! The Bunnies are coming!



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