Thursday Morning News Blurbs

Flatwood has a new domain.

Ctrl+Alt+Del has apparently been featured on CNN.

So Ctrl+Alt+Del was apparently mentioned on CNN the other day. I guess they were doing some segment on teenagers and how much time they spend on the internet, and they interviewed a girl wearing a Lilah t-shirt with my website open on the computer, and she talked about how it was her favorite website.

Another example of the mutual love between Videogame companies and gaming webcomics is Bioware’s poll regarding their visitors favourite webcomics. This is also another example of the size of the Penny Arcade fandom.

The Fourth Rail has a snapshot review of Scott Kurtz’ PvP #0. The issue is a “best of” issue collecting 16 strips and a five page “Secret Origin of Skull” story. The issue only costs 50 cents with the aim of introducing new readers to PvP. The cover features the PvP cast busting through a drawing of syndicated cartoon characters recoiling in fear and also sports the tag-line “Kicking the funny pages square in the groin”.

Tom Spurgeon has an article on THE PULSE regarding King features newly announced shift in its online business model. Apparently, most of the complaints came from the “comics as art” side of the spectrum, proving (if anyone doubted it) that the art vs entertainment struggle is as alive and kicking in print/syndication as in webcomics.