Thursday News Update

Kurtz clarifies; Rosenberg speaks; Straub shows and meet the new Comixpedia forums moderator: Tim Demeter.

Still working under the hood of the site, apologize if weird things happen for the rest of the week.

Today a clarification rant from Scott Kurtz about an early barb he made about Wacom Cintiq monitor/tablets. It’s kind of funny. And his webcomic hasn’t been too shabby this current storyline either 🙂

If you’re in New York, Jon Rosenberg will be talking about webcomics at the Cartoonists Alliance meeting next week on Wednesday. No need to be a member – just show up. Hey, and Rosenberg’s webcomic has been far from shabby this month. But the key question for Goats now is… will the current storyline end before the end of the year or not? 🙂

Tom Spurgeon has now linked to four of the Comixpedia December issue articles. Cool!

Kris Straub has a how-to on how he put together the cover of his recent Starslip Crisis book (published thru Lulu). Interesting (and a cool cover too).

It looks like the new forums are picking up. Say hi to our first official moderator, Tim Demeter. If you’re a long-time Comixpedia reader and are interested in being a moderator email me. (xerexes AT comixpedia Dot Com)


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