Wednesday Morning Blues

New blog on and webcomics; a new holiday webcomic from Jon Morris; Websnark discusses Troop’s reboot of Melonpool; and some non-webcomic linky goodness.

Eric has a post on Steve Troop, who dropped out of the Daily Grind this week. Troop rebooted his long-running webcomic Melonpool late last year.

In other blog news, Kiba, frequent contributor to the Webcomics Encyclopedia, started a blog to write about webcomics and the encyclopedia. It should be a good read – check it out.

Jon Morris did a great holiday webcomic called The Book of Forbidden Elves. Morris is best known for his Jeremy webcomic.

Some recent additions to the Comixpedia Library include: Sarah Ellerton, Miguel Caron, Ira Marcks, Enrico Casarosa, Krishna Sadasivam, Anthony Furtado, and Eddie Caplan. I’m working to streamline the process of adding entries to the Library but more feedback would be very useful. Don’t hesitate to email me or post something in the Portal forum. In general though, if you are submitting a suggestion please be sure to submit a creator entry as well as a webcomic entry.

And now for some non-webcomics but interesting links: a list of films whose “fans” are more annoying than the film itself; the top 10 movie special effects of all time; and someone is making animations to show how several popular movies “should have ended”.


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