Tuesday Post-Holiday Updates

Comixpedia.com is pointing to the new site for me now – if anyone is still having issues post a comment or email me – I can’t fix it if I don’t know about it!

So how many of you managed to piss off a relative or two over holiday visits? Ah, the holidays full of cheer and… vinegar!

SGR‘s Shelly is recapping John Allison’s top 20 albums this week. So far, I only own the Decembrists album, perhaps I am older then I realize…

Peter Bagge has a new rant-style webcomic up at Reason, this time about Amtrak.

Not a webcomic but Tom Spurgeon reports that the reprint of the Little Nemo In Slumberland books have almost sold out of their 5000 print run and the publisher will print another edition.

And over at gaming website Joystiq, Foxtrot and CAD are neck and neck in their vote for webcomic of the week.


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