Thursday’s Newsbits

Webcomics keep making the headlines, this time the Oregon Daily Emerald writes about webcomics.

Shaenon Garrity (Narbonic) and Roger Langridge (Fred the Clown etc.) will be contributing a story to the Marvel Holiday Special 2005.

Derek Kirk Kim has revealed a tentative title for the graphic novel in progress that we reported about last week, Healing hands. A new character sketch is also available.

The Sony PSP 2.0 firmware upgrade, which is intended to be (or has been?) released in North America this week, will include a webbrowser and some comics are already getting prepared. Scott Ransoomair’s VG cats is now also available formated to suit the PSP.

Finally, a quote from Alexander Danner on the hotly debated NY times article that uses his and John Barber’s The discovery of Spoons as an example of comics that verges on the animation.

To say that our use of animation risks turning the comic into an animation is akin to arguing that Star Wars verges on being a book because it opens with a chunk of text.