Tokyopop And Webcomics Sitting In A Tree…

In February we reported about Amy Kim Ganter’s upcoming series Sorcerers and Secretaries, to be pubished by Tokyopop. Tokyopop is now also accepting preorders for Van Von Hunter Vol.1.

Silverbulletcomics has some samples of the manga and an account of how Pseudome Studios became involved with Tokyopop. The print Van Von Hunter is all new material.

The dead tree version (simply called Van Von Hunter volume 1) is a little more structured than the webcomic. It takes place three years after the webcomic’s storyline ends and is thus, all original material, separate from the webcomic

It is interesting to note that both Ganter and the team behind Van Von Hunter came in contact with Tokyopop through the Rising Stars of Manga contest. Voting on this years contest will begin on friday the 11th. Rumbling over at T Campbell’s blog suggests that his and Amy Mebberson’s entry has made it to the short list.

They haven’t decided the winner yet, understand, or even the top ten, AFAIK. But we’re in the top twenty. Meaning: you will see our work, on the Web or in print.