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  1. It seems to me Mr. Spurgeon just doesn’t get what the Eisners are for. They’re primarily FOR COMIC BOOKS. Not just anything sequential in nature. Thats why this category thus far does NOT include “strips” , it has to be something of a longer form. You know, the stuff some webcomic folks belittled as only being a book format page put online— a contained story of some type, etc…

    Anyway, I love that guys blog– but for him to say the Eisners are NOT the Oscars of the Comic book industry, or just NOW decided that maybe they are… UGH– The Eisners ARE the Oscars of the comic book industry. Period. You win an Eisner.. that means A TON.

    To be the one of the first webcomics even included in that category would be history. I have a feeling there will be a ton of commotion about who isnt elligable and who is. I can’t wait to see that nomination list.

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