Toonbots Resumes Updating

Michael Roberts’ Perl generated webcomic Toonbots has returned, in a manner of speaking, after a grueling nine month hiatus.

Following a recent move to Puerto Rico, Roberts has generated four new strips since August 29th (the most recent being on September 17th), personifying hurricanes Frances and Ivan. Since its inception in the fall of 2000, Toonbots has long been one the most surreal, and most inconsistently updated, webcomics, using Perl to generate XML specifications, manipulating clip-art images (mostly dead communists) as well as creating limited, minimal drawn figures. Only time will tell how long this latest return to webtooning will last, and those who in the past have been amused, intrigued, or curiously disturbed by this avant-garde experiment should keep an eye peeled for further developments.