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The art of webcomics

New Webcomic Production Tutorials up on

Onezumi, the artist and writer of the webcomic at, has posted her next series of webcomic and art production tutorials entitled "Drawing Comics, Onezumi Style".


I liked Tweep, Philip likes A Softer World and Gilead likes No Room For Bushido.

Drawn! blog points out that Dylan Meconis has posted drawings of the entire Battlestar Galatica cast, drawn as if they were on The Simpsons.  And coincidently Fleen just wrote about Meconis' latest webcomic Family Man.

Watch Adam Hughes draw.  Nice video. 

New webcomics collective emerging: Gangbunch which includes Tauhid and several others.

Notwebcomics dept: a video of Kochalka's Monkey Vs Robot.

First Fan Art Milestone

I got my first fan art of my Death character. Thanks Carrie Burton of Dam Beavers.

Kitty Sniper: Part 5 - Bee Sandwich

I thought Part 5 would be a quick and easy strip. I took a stock photo of a kitchen, and thought that would save alot of time drawing. But as I look at the timeclock, I spent more time on this drawing, than anything to date. Where the hell did the time go? It was inevitable, an alternate world storyline. It's a fun and cute world where kittens make honey sandwiches. When Kitty Sniper is not doing a professional job, he's... making bee sandwiches? Oh, that crazy cat just can't seem to do anything right!

CSSReboot is in Effect!

Its time for Spring 2006 CSSreboot! Over 1000 sites from around the globe celebrated CSSreboot today by showcasing new designs for their websites. Our website participated as well and rebooted just in time for the May 1st deadline.

If you're a website owner go check it out and get some ideas to use on your own site. There are some awesome designs this year and it hasn't disappointed. While you're there don't forget to rate your favorites (and if you like's site please rate it too!) We're probably on the front page somewhere!

Baby Steps

I've got an observation. People have an expectation a comic follows a certain format. It's based on the artwork and what they know about other comics. The simplistic line-art style is typical of a comic with a punchline. It seems the more serious comics have more detailed artwork. Rex Morgan M.D. or Prince Valiant come to mind.

I recently made a change to how I draw my comic. I spend more time drawing scenery and background. I don't always tell a 4-panel joke. Sometimes it's a "to be continued..." storyline. My thought is, if it's not a funny strip, the drawing might be interesting enough to look at the next strip. Otherwise, the comic comes off as badly drawn and not funny.

Joey + Joe Podcast

I finally got a chance to listen to the podcast of Joey Manley and Joe Zabel chatting about webcomics.  A little bit about Zabel's Introvert/Extrovert article, serialization, pacing and different genres of stories.  Interesting stuff (about 30 minutes long) from two knowledgeable, opinionated guys.

I Am A Rocket Builder

I first found I Am A Rocket Builder back in February 2006. IMO, it's one of the ten best comics being made. In fact, it's the only comic aside from my own that I've promoted. That's how good I think it is, but the site could be better. Great comics on a terrible website is an easy fix! At least, easier than creating a good comic.

Tuesday Round Up of Webcomic News

Tym Godek has a review of the journal webcomic Surely Functional by Greg Kornbluh & Ramsey Ford.

T Campbell needs you to take the Clickwheel Users Survey.  Clickwheel is the iPod comics service. 

Paul Gadzikowski used to do a journal comic - who knew?

Jon Rosenberg notes that the horrible murder-cannibal guy that just got arrested .  Nobody tell Jack Thompson, okay?

A little late but the Flight blog has some photos from the recent APE convention in SF, CA. 

Computer Arts has a nice tutorial on using Adobe Illustrator CS2 to ink and color a traditional comic-style drawing.  (They've actually got a lot of tutorials on the site.)

Just indulge me for a minute here: a new Jeremy t-shirt! I've always loved Jon Morris' little Frankenstein-like character.

Chris Ware's comic work for the New York Times magazine is over - check it all out here

Nuclear Powered Toaster

Nuclear Powered Toaster By: Matt Simpson & J. Uzcategui:


"I've decided to get into the production end of webcomics. I partnered up with a friend and we've produced a little strip called Nuclear Powered Toaster. I'd like to get some feedback on what we have so far, if y'all don't mind. See what needs to be tweaked."