Truth, Justin and the American Way a

Earlier this week, Scott Kurtz announced Truth, Justin and the American Way a five issues mini serie to be published by Image Comics. The series is written by Kurtz and Nodwick creator Aaron Williams and illustrated by Giuseppe Ferrario. More info at PvPonline.




  1. With a title like that, I thought this article was going to be an interview with Justin Pierce about Killroy & Tina.

  2. Jesus! It’s like everyone’s said “Y’know, I think I could be doing more with my comic” lately. First the folks at BLC re-launched two comics and launched a website, Oh no Robot gets launched, then TylerMartin announces he’s getting syndicated and finally CAD announces animated short episodes.

    Now this*. Everyone’s a hubbub of activity lately, and I thought I was doing well by finding a new host for my webcomic. To everyone and their success, congrats.

    * I know it wasn’t in chronological order, but I put it in the order I found out the things 😉

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