Tuesday Morning Post-Katrina Webcomics Update

It looks like the Big Easy took a beating from Katrina – I hope for the best for everyone. My brother made it through it (he’s in Lafayette) and actually had power back by last night. If you’re in need of information on Katrina, the Wikipedia has done a really good job. Also this Boing Boing entry notes that the Red Cross needs donations (cash not stuff).

And not onto the webcomics news: okay not a webcomic, but geeky good fun: more Zombie flash mobs, this time in Vancouver and Austin, TX. Also check out this post on the US Air Force’s study on teleportation and other sci-fi ideas. (It’s a boing Boing kind of day)

I’m sure you all are already reading and listening to the Digital Strips gang but they’ve caught several interesting news bit lately: first off, Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics) joined up with DayFree Press. Second, Ryan Estrada seems to have gotten ill treatment from the Lulu Print on Demand Company as Lulu canceled all or most of the orders for Estrada’s 175 Hour Comic Book. Last, Digital Strips “WEBCOMICS SCAVENGER HUNT” contest is closing August 31st at midnight. (Hey, I don’t work for Digital Strips – it’s just possible I’m finally eligible for a webcomics-related contest!)

A blog I’m not sure I’ve linked to before is “Oh You Pretty Things!” which offers extensive reviews of webcomics (among other media) and today has a review of Prime Evil.

Lots of good stuff fromt the Comics Reporter including the line-up for this year’s SPX Anthology, a link to an article on the Quills Awards which has a graphic novel category, an interview with Glenn Danzig about his publishing label, Verotik Comics (I had no idea this even existed), and Berke Breathed talks about recent Opus strips on the topical tale of jailed NY Times employee Judith Miller. TCR also has a lengthy post on webcomics, which he considers one of the top 8 stories for the rest of the year.

And last but not least, the Washington Post has a profile (registration required) of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF).


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  1. TCR’s post is three paragraphs long, 4 if you include the numbered list at the end. That’s not really what I’d consider “lengthy…”

  2. Your’re right. A little bleary eyed this morning I guess…

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