Tuesday Round-Up of News

The Webcomics Examiner takes a look at Count Your Sheep by Adrian Ramos.  Still going strong 3 years after its debut on Keenspace (since moved to Keenspot).

 I haven’t paid a lot of attention to this previously but the next "world-wide SketchCrawl" is scheduled for April 22nd.  If you want to participate it sounds like there’s more info on their forums.  (Let Comixpedia know what it’s all about if anyone does get involved.)

The latest Digital Strips podcast is an interview with Joey Manley who is behind sites such as Modern Tales, Webcomics Nation, GirlAMatic, Graphic Smash, Talk About Comics and Serializer.net.  (I haven’t listened to it yet though)

While I know there are some problems with the current top sites script at the Comixpedia portal (and once I get Comixpedia.com and Comixpedia.org "right" I’ll turn back to reinvigorating that portion of Comixpedia-land) I just wanted to point out that Clan of the Cats (Library Entry) has been #1 on it the entire time.  If you haven’t before, go check out Jamie’s comic.  It’s got an epic storyline with love, betrayal and a back-drop of pagan magik.



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