Tuesday Sleepy Tuesday

A few things today, but mostly sleepy out there in webcomicland. We’re still looking for another News Editor to help with updating the front page with news and views and Friday’s Rookie Round-up. If you’re interested drop xerexes a line.

For the three interesting items I found, read on…

Over at the Comicon forums, Gifford Cheung, a PhD student at the Information School of the University of Washington, is conducting a small pilot study on comics and publishing. He’s looking for publishers or creators of comics on the web or in print in the Seattle area for interviews.

Digital Strips blog has the story on the creator of Pathetic Geek Stories appearing on G4TechTV. What exactly does G4Tech mean anyhow? Did I miss G1Tech through G3Tech? And what about A through FTech? Just saying…

Over at the Talkaboutcomics forums, Ryan E reports that cad-net has set up a chatroom for webcomics called #webcomics, which is hosted on irc.cad-net.org

It’s accessible at: http://www.cad-net.org/irc/webcomics.html


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