Tutorial Repositories and the Bay Area

There’s a pretty fascinating interview over at www.publishersweekly.com with Kazu Kibuishi about the methods to creating his inspired body of work. I don’t think anything outside of practice-practice-practice has improved my artwork or inspired me to create as much as these sorts of insights into the creative processes of other artists/writers. Someone should put together a link-list or something of all the great “how I do it” tutorials creators put together.

I keep looking at the cost of living in San Francisco, and my mind reels at how many struggling artists manage to live there despite it all. Every time there’s anything cool going on in comics that I would give important but non-life-critical parts of my anatomy to be a part of, it’s happening in the Bay Area. This has been a pox upon my soul for years now, and I have finally got a chance at rectifying the situation. I won’t be living there, but the nice people who will start paying me “moneys for my services” on a regular basis come September will be sending me there on a somewhat regular basis, so I will potentially be spending weeks at a time there, with nothing but a laptop, a Wacom Tablet, and the spirit of a webcomicker.

That last paragraph may seem a bit personal for a front page blog post, but this is the last day of my official “guest blogger” week, and I felt like sharing. Thanks for the week, for all the responses and for putting up with me. It’s been fun.


Iain Hamp

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