Two Lumps Join Keenspot

Two Lumps, by James Grant and Mel Hynes, has apparently been invited to join Keenspot. No formal announcement is available at the Keen site yet, which leaves the question of whether any other comics have been asked to join this time around.

In May, Grant and Hynes were interviewed by Eric Burns for Comixpedia and ,among other things, they were asked about if they wished to join Keenspot.

What are your ambitions for Two Lumps? Would you want to move up to Keenspot with it? Alternately, would you want to pull it from Keenspace and develop a solo site for it?

MEL: We’d certainly like to move up to Keenspot with it, but after applying about 6 months ago and watching two rounds of additions go by with nary a word, I’ve basically accepted that we’re not what they’re looking for (at least right now). As far as ambitions go, I’d love for us to be able to make a living off of Two Lumps and our other works. Not planning on giving tours to Robin Leach or anything, but being able to give up our stressed-out tech jobs someday would be great. As for a solo site, maybe if we got large enough to where getting ‘spotted would no longer be an advantage, or some such. We’ve already got the domain that redirects to the comic site, so there’s really no benefit I can think of in going solo right at the moment.

JAMES: I, on the other hand, will give free blowjobs to get us on Keenspot.