UK Comics Exhibit This Month

This looks awfully cool doesn’t it? Mr. Allison alerts us to the The Cave of Comic Queens Comic Art Exhibit.

Ladyfest Manchester and Ladyfest Bristol have joined forces to curate a women’s comic art exhibit to make the exhibition stronger and showcase a lot more artists to a wider audience. Comix are often seen as boy territory and the mass of talented women creating comix in [the UK] and beyond just don’t get the recognition they deserve. Already we’ve had submissions from artists like Trina Robbins and Lorna Miller, and since there’s never been an exhibition of this kind in this country, it’s all very exciting.

Confirmed artists include: Andrice Arp – Alison Bechdel – Carrie McNiche – Charise Mericle – Dame Darcy – Debbie Drechsler – Debra Boyask – Ellen Exacto – Ellen Linder – Gabrielle Bell – Janelle – Kate Charlesworth – Kelley Seda – Kelli Nelson – Laura Weinstein – Lee Gough – Mari Schaal – Megan Kelso – Robyn Chapman – Min Ahn – Sandra Lundy – Christine Norrie – Farida Laan – Dorothy Gambrell – Carol Swain – Barbara Stok – Donna Barr – Sandra de Haan – Ariel Schrag – Maaike Hartjes – Jennifer Camper – Anna Rubins – Karen Rubins – Jeremy Dennis – Rachael House – Tanya Meditzky – Laura Watton


Xaviar Xerexes

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