Wakes Me When the Webcomic Is Over

I have a review of the graphic novel Ragbox up on the site.  If you've got a comic or comic-related thing on paper you'd like to see reviewed in ComixTalk, here's the information on how to get it to me.  And in self-interested plugging, I've restarted xaviarxerexes.com this year; largely also about comics, but also about ME and sometimes about ME as well.

After you check out the debut of Bad Machinery from John Allison don't forget to check out the debut of Not Invented Here from Paul Southworth and Bill Barnes.

Sean Kleefeld looks in on results of a survey Brad Guigar took of his Evil Inc readers.

Newspapers are dying and everyone is writing about it… on the web.  Paul Graham explains that newspapers were only ever in the business of selling paper and well, people are less in need of paper these days (it's actually a pretty insightful analysis).  A newspaper guy and a blogger argue about the fate of the newspaper biz on a blog from PBS.


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