Warren Ellis Makes Another Call For Webcomics

Warren Ellis has made another call on his Bad Signal email list for webcomics to read.

I need new webcomics to read. If you are a webcomics maker on the list, send me your URL. The ones I like will get linked up on warrenelliscom at some point, in the hope that I’ll point some of my absurd traffic your way. 29000 unique visitors went to the site yesterday, so we might as well put it to some use

His post goes on to list a number of webcomics he reads regularly and to talk about the need for more sites aimed to curate webcomics.

Ellis is a comic book writer, his work includes Transmetropolitan which is published by DC and Desolation Jones which is published by Wildstorm.




  1. Does anyone know if Ellis is aware of Comixpedia? Just curious…

  2. Sounds to me like his call will be answered by many, many artists eager to kiss Spider’s ass.

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