Watching WirePop Part 1

Well I’ve got the subscription to WirePop so I thought I’d blog a few comments on some of the comics. Baker By Night isn’t so bad so far. The art is nice enough and the main character is starting to get interesting. Pretty early in the story to tell how worthwhile the comic will be though…

Automatic has pretty full color art with snazzy giant fighting robots. The world is some kind of Blade Runner-derived vision. (I’m not schooled in anima/manga so I fully expect someone to tell me Blade Runner lifted all of it imagery from this or that film. Go ahead) The story so far is little kids with giant robots beat mean men with giant robots. Mean man cries. While I thought the art is excellant the story so far just feels too much like every Japanimation cartoon I’ve ever seen.

Feng Sushi has a great name for a webcomic doesn’t it? The art is nice change in style from the more typical anime approach on WirePop – slightly cartoonish, evoking crayons almost sometimes. Not much of the strip has been posted yet. And unfortunately most of it is written in exposition which precludes any character development and renders plot fairly dull. A lot of promise in the goofy set-up to the strip though means this one is worth coming back to see where it goes.


Xaviar Xerexes

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