Watching WirePop Part 2

Block 6 is a horror story. Apparently about a haunted apartment block (it has 13 floors!) it so far has featured a girl who bleeds profusely from her lips for no reason and a boy who spins a thread from his left eye socket. Weird, but more silly than horrific so far. Art is in black and white and is serviceable but doesn’t add much to the atmosphere.

I liked Fantasy Realms art – lush, great colors and nice mostly restrained use of filters. I’m a little confused on the story so far but I did like the second chapter’s focus on the girl and her running into the boy (who apparently is an old family friend). A little confused as to the status of the faere floating around them but hopefully that will be clarified as the tale goes on.

Lotte Vs The Dead starts off with a bang – a scene from the Night of the Living Dead. At first you just see the scenes and than it pulls back to reveal a couple watching a tv. Than there’s a concert and than the main girl character rides off to what seems to be Professor X’s School for Mutants. The art is so-so and I have no idea what’s going on with this one yet. I appreciate the recycling of pop culture images and ideas as much as anyone but hopefully there will be more to this “horror” story than that.


Xaviar Xerexes

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