Webcomics 103: Making Money Panel At San Diego Comicon

David Willis has annouced that he and the rest of Blank Label Comics will attend a number of panels at the San Diego Comicon. Willis will attend a panel entitled Webcomics 103: Making Money. Should be interesting, especially considering the recent discussions regarding the economics of webcomics.

In other con-related news, Josh Lesnick has a con report from A-kon.

Whereas at previous cons, there were around 2-3 panels related to webcomics, and this year, there were around 25. And… people showed up to them; all of them. It was quite mind-blowing!



  1. According to the provided link, David Willis didn’t say they’d ALL be on that panel. He said that the members of BLC will be in a series of panels at Comic Con and that he’ll be on the Webcomics 103: Making Money panel in particular.

  2. You’re quite right, I’ve edited the post to correct this.

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