Webcomics Headlines for Tuesday November 24, 2009

The Webcomics List is having an awards program this year.  According to their rules, "Everyone actively involved in webcomics in some way can nominate candidates for the awards. You can nominate up to three comics for each [category]."  Nominations are open until December 13th and the winners — to be selected by panels of judges — will be announced on January 24th.

AV Club includes two webcomics in its best comics of the decade listAchewood and American Elf. (h/t El Santo)

The Penny Arcade "reality show" is surprisingly moving — really well done and looking forward to future episodes.  (Much better than the PA comic would suggest!)

Sean Kleefeld comments on a recent story (one in a continuing series apparently) about how "the internet ate my comic" — this story in the Peoria Journal focusing on comments of frustration with the Internet from Julie Larsone, the creaor of the Dinette Set comic.

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