Webcomics Updates

Can someone help me with the details on the KomiKazen International Festival of Reality Comic Strips? I don’t read Italian but this seems pretty cool. It takes place from September 30 to November 2nd.

I didn’t see as many webcomics comment on Pat Robertson’s foreign policy pronouncement as I might have expected. Luckily Dangerpest steps up to the plate.

Bob Stevenson writes a bit in his blog about his decision to leave More Fun. (Stevenson did some great work on this series, written of course, by Shaenon Garrity. This episode in particular, I just love the way Stevenson has the hero sit on top of the panel at a couple points.)

It happened while I was on vacation and so is a bit overdue, but congrats to both Ping Teo and Eric Burns for the one year anniversary of their respective blogs, Webcomic Finds and Websnark.

And now for a completely random moment of superhero-related humor: two webpages on the 1979 Saturday Night Live skit about a party at the Flash’s house. (link from memepool)

And lot’s of sites linked to this one: Betty Boop is the newest Hooters employee. Submitted without comment…


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