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Gamers and their Webcomics: Wow.  I think our server is slimy after getting wanged all day by Ctrl-Alt-Del and Little Gamers fans.  Yes we're reviewing gamer and sprite-oriented comics all this month at Comixpedia.  No question comics that incorporate gaming culture can attract a large audience – just look at some of our Most Read lists from last year.  Penny Arcade is consistently at the top of any metric I've come up with so far.The Ctrl-Alt-Del comic – I myself read the review and I didn't come away thinking bad comic but I guess some of the C/A/D fans did.  Most seemed more upset that the review seemed to suggest non-hardcore gamers wouldn't get it.  Reasonable minds can disagree I would hope – I'll admit upfront I haven't read C/A/D myself so I have no opinion o­ne way or the other.  Still it's got a lot of fans so they have to be doing something right.  Also the creator o­n his site very politely urged his fans to be civil in their comments over here.  We do appreciate that.  I'm not sure the noise ratio is all that good in the comments to the review but it is a 180 from what I saw o­n Little Gamers today.I don't get much of the comments to the Little Gamers review at all – not that I don't understand what they're saying but just surprised at how a review provoked such wide ranging discussion…  Anyhow, I can't say I'm surprised at the L/G take o­n the Comixpedia review, with their feet firmly planted in the South Park tradition, such as it is.  All in all I wish we had a lot less of the snaps style comments and a little more actual point/counterpoint discussion but I think it's kind of cool that C/P has gotten to the point where people are taking the reviews here to mean something.UPDATE TO LITTLE GAMER DUDES:  I forgot to mention – NAZI references are really, really lame.  Otherwise I think that today's L/G is the first comic directly about Comixpedia.


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  1. I have to admit that the reaction to these two reviews was so out of touch with what was actually written that I’m reasonably sure that most of the people who commented never read the reviews. On the one hand I am fascinated by that kind of blind loyalty, and on the other hand I find it extremely disturbing to think that people could be so easily led to tear someone apart.

    I suppose I should make with the graphics and give you an icon for this, right X?

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