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La Muse: Season 2La Muse: Season 2

First off – let me thank current advertisers La Muse: Season 2 and the Learn to Draw the Human Figure training course. We’ve got two more blog ad spots open right now if you’ve got a project or product to tell Comixtalk’s readers all about. (Those project wonderful ads up top seem to be going pretty cheap this morning right now as well)


  • Be sure to check out Comixtalk reader blogs as I’ve probably been less perfect about promoting them to the front page this summer (being on vacation and all) – I especially want to point out a recent one entitled Hard Lessons Learned from Tony Esteves on his shipping his stuff to conventions that is pretty interesting and might have been missed by folks. 



  • While I laze the summer away Jack keeps on reviewing webcomics – this time he tackles Monty and Woolley.
  • Rooktopia likes The Perry Bible Fellowship. One point about this comic I think he gets especially right: "At its most risque, the strip just feels pleasant and inoffensive. This might be the biggest reason why Nick doesn’t receive negative feedback: who can complain about a webcomic that’s this superficially sweet?"


  • The webcomic Too Much Information gets "reviewed" by the Something Awful website. And yes it’s true – it’s not like they ever have anything nice to say about anyone. I read through some of the TMI webcomic yesterday – the writing does have some good moments but you really wish the creator would improve the artwork a bit. Even after two years of the comic, the Poser-created artwork still looks awfully stiff and generic.
  • ComicBookBin reports that Samurai Elf: Gathering Storm (Volume 1) is now available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. Samurai Elf is now available as a webcomic so this multi-translation effort might be some kind of first. Samurai Elf is described as set in the fantastical world of Tyr, where a string of global wars have wracked the lands and sent civilization back into feudal times.

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