Why Comixpedia?

Because the WORLD is noticing that there is such a thing as a webcomic and is expressing a desire, a NEED for MORE.  Because webcomics ARE a viable art form, a new medium branching off from our print foremothers and fathers – a medium in which to expand, elaborate, experiment, and perhaps most importantly, enjoy.

Because there are now THOUSANDS of hobbyists, young and old, trying their hand at placing images in sequence, on an infinite canvas.

Because notable webcomics business pioneers, having proven that webcomics CAN sell (even if not at a premium just yet), have challenged and dared us to try.

Because a growing number of print industry vets, respected voices, professionals, small press eccentric geniuses, and rising talents are dabbling in this new medium, and discovering that a motherlode of untapped potential, of unexplored directions, is screaming to be unearthed.

Because print comic big shots are looking around and taking notice, and liking what they see.

Because there is a need for a centralized focal point – a nexus from which any interested reader, aspiring artist, or experienced creator can better direct themselves to experience and learn all they could ever imagine about the medium – the origins, the structure, the buzz, the community, the peers, the tools, the technology, the fun, the future.

Because the world has a right to know what is happening right now, right here in Webcomic Land.

Why Comixpedia?

Because it was time.