Why girls?

The guys over at Gigcast did an interview with Lea Hernandez about her Women Webcomiker Grant NAN.

There’s a grant for women webcomic artists and apparently some people feel that it’s unfair that the grant is exclusively for women. I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was illegal to make a grant for minorities. And DON’T try to tell me women are not a minority in comics. Even in the enlightened world of webcomics. Just look at the Iron man challenge. I was awarded the “last vagina standing”. Ew.

[Xerexes: Just a note that we also had a hefty discussion in the comments here about Lea's grant right after it was announced.]

I haven’t gone crazy feminazi in some time but I started ranting right along with Lea while listening to this podcast. This woman doesn’t rant. She is a force. She has a grand pair of testicles and dares anyone to bring theirs to the table. She’ll listen, you just have to have the balls to say it to her face. If I ever have to get into a roller derby death match then I want this woman on my side.



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