WIP Does It’s Thing

This week Webcomics in Print is going UK Web and Mini Comix Thing mad:

TUESDAY: We get to grips with Jon Scrivens (Little Terrors) who's just turned one year old and find out about his new merchandise

WEDNESDAY: We review the book from Dubious Tales just for the Thing convention

THURSDAY: We get to grips with Ivan Pope (boot_error) and get an inside knowledge about he must dream of stencils

FRIDAY: Another interview, this time with Eddie Bowley (Edd Egg) and find out about rumours aren't always true

SATURDAY: We have words with Chris Thomas and James Walker (RPG-TV) about their successful year and first convention

SUNDAY: And finally, if you haven't got sick of interviews, Philip Spence (Ninja Bunny) delights you with his wonderful stuff and there's a bonus interview that will only be up for ONE DAY!