John Thomas of CandleLight Press has emailed me an update to the situation.

Just talked with Shiwoo Lee on the phone. He gave me a short history of the Wowcomics project. He helped develop the technology and acted as CEO of the American part of this (originally) Mohenz project. It was spun off into it’s own company late 2001 and shut down shortly after that.

Lee says the reason he left the site up was to ‘attract more investors’. When told that it was impossible to register as a new customer, he didn’t really have an answer. He is sorry that the business didn’t work out. He says that the contents of the Wowcomics offices are stored in his garage. He says he will root through them soon to return discs and such. In the short term, he will delete the books of those who request it. He indicated that he prefers to be contected directly by each company, so here is the contact info for that purpose: Shiwoo Lee —

He also has an offer for anyone who’s interested, and I promised to pass it along. He’s looking for someone to run Wowcomics for him. The deal would apparently involve out and out partnership. So if you’re curious, ask him about that too. I’m involved with Unbound Comics now, so I really can’t do it.

I’ll keep checking in with him on the return of discs and the like, and it’s a good idea for all of us to do that.So if you’re passing the word to other publishers who want off Wowcomics, please refer them the the above address and not — if I do get them, I’ll forward them, though.

Thanks John!!



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